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We have various lands available within our company and outsources through some from our potential sources. We provide these lands to companies and multinational on the basis of commercial rental agreement, which is a written and binding document that conveys the agreement between a property owner and tenant. Involved in the lease agreement are the conditions, responsibilities and regulations which the owner as well as tenant are to follow. The template itself will not need to be changed for every agreement; rather you'll need to change the specifics like rent responsibilities and property information.

The length of the contract can be for whatever period the parties agree upon. Typically the owner has a preset time frame depending on the specific circumstances. The contract duration could be anything from one, two or every five years. Quite often, tenants will select a longer rental period if the lease terms are good.

Since commercial rent amounts are typically established according to the size of the property, the space rented must be measured. Ideally the lease amount should be based on the square footage of the property. Kindly, Contact us for the land rental rates.

A set of typical drivers commonly affects the construction of a warehouse - the height of the building, its plot size, service requirements and structural complexity. It may be a surprise to learn aspects such as height not also affect concrete slab specifications but determine the fire fighting system required as well.

"The type of fire fighting systems installed determines the cost of the project and the construction time required. For instance, in-rack sprinklers can only be installed once the racking installation is complete. This would usually delay the occupancy of the building for at least 2 months, compared to a conventional system," Assessment of the site is required in order to ensure flatness in respect to adjacent roads, otherwise plot leveling and soil improvement could prove to be costly and time consuming. "At Quality Store, we have our own in house design capabilities that are continuously fed with site experiences. In addition, involving the construction team early on with the designers provides added value through lessons learnt on previous jobs,"

The construction process itself should not exceed 10 months for a medium size project (below 30,000m2). Independent of the construction period, the developer must budget approximately 3 months in order to have the scope of work defined, shortlist appropriate contractors, receive prices for the scope of work, analyze prices, award the job, prepare the detail design and finally obtain the building permit.

"Nevertheless, contractors can fast-track the above process. At Quality Stores, we have completed jobs in five months, from the point we were awarded the project to the point we obtain the construction completion certificate from the authorities. Such fast-track work requires a great deal of planning and coordination,".